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  • Longevity

    Getting your kickz cleaned by professionals is great way to increase the lifespan of your Kickz.

  • Environmental Impact

    Getting your old kickz cleaned instead of buying new ones will reduce the amount of pollution. In 2021, 22.2 Billion Pairs were produced.

  • Hygiene

    Your kickz may contain harmful bacteria and germs. Getting your kickz regularly cleaned will eliminate bacteria and keep your sneakers looking and smelling fresh.

South Africa's most trusted Sneaker Laundry

With over 3,000 Pairs cleaned.

We are excited to announce the opening of our second Sneaker Laundry outlet in collaboration with Oxygen Functional Fitness. One of Cape Town's leading Functional Fitness gyms.

Both locations (Influhks and Oxygen Functional Fitness) will now be offering Sneaker Laundry, proudly powered by Local Kickz.

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